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Bridging the Gap Between Rehab and Wellness

Free Health Screenings


A core part of our mission is improve access to information for individuals to be proactive about their health. A short health screening can be scheduled for free at any time at our clinic. Screenings include floor transfer testing, balance assessments, injury screenings, or blood pressure screenings. 




Skilled Physical and Occupational Therapy


 In most cases, skilled therapy is ordered by your doctor due to a change in your mobility, a new medical diagnosis, or for new or chronic pain. Our skilled therapy is a comprehensive service involving an assessment and discussion of your goals. We help you develop a plan and implement it through a several week course of treatment.  


Personalized Exercise Planning


Therapists are skilled in creating personalized exercise plans for both specific conditions or general wellness. Our exercise planning is a wellness service consisting of a consult and assessment with a therapist who will then build an exercise plan based on your goals. 


Group Movement Classes


A wellness service for those who thrive on accountability and like to learn in a small group setting. Our movement classes teach you a variety of corrective exercises and how to incorporate them in your life. Both great for those just getting started or an ideal supplement for those with an existing movement practice, such as yoga, pilates, or CrossFit. Contact the clinic for our class schedule. 


Personalized Wellness Sessions 


 An individual session with a therapist to learn and refine corrective exercises essential to getting you moving better. We cover any specific questions you might have, analyze your movement patterns to provide feedback, suggest new exercises, and help you incorporate more movement into your lifestyle. 


Movement Workshops


Topic-specific 3 hour movement session designed for you to learn the tools you need to manage health conditions. Workshops are an interactive way to learn while moving! Themes rotate each month, contact us at info@balanceabc.org for our 2018 schedule. 


Home Safety Assessments


Home safety assessments are offered to all patients as well as on a consulting basis. Have a therapist visit your home to identify problem areas for falls and recommend modifications. 



Assistive Device Recommendations


Think you might need an assistive device but not sure what will be right for you? We offer recommendations and training for those new to an assistive device and are unsure of how to use it. We also make recommendations for the most appropriate assistive device based on a physical assessment.


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