Our Five Pillars of Health

At Advanced Balance Clinic, we firmly believe that health is more than the absence of disease. Therefore, the core of our treatment philosophy involves addressing the areas of health that are easily overlooked but critical to improvement. Some medical providers have a lot to give to their clients in terms of technical knowledge and skills, but may not be great at making personal connections. However, there is so much more to be offered by trusting, caring relationships between clients and providers. We prioritize relationships and motivational support for our patients along with providing a healthy dose of education and knowledge. In our experience, we are fighting an uphill battle if we do not address mindset along with physical health.

In the clinic, we have 5 pillars of health we focus on with each and every client. True wellness involves looking at the person as a whole and guiding them to fulfillment in every area of life. We address each of the 5 pillars on a first visit with...

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Video: Recap of the Movement for Brain Health Workshop


For those who were unable to attend our Movement for Brain Health Workshop, we recorded a video recap of the material we presented. 

In this video we cover:

  • The strong connection between mobility and brain health
  • What your balance and walking might indicate about your brain health
  • How chronic pain impacts the aging brain
  • What mobility screenings can tell you about your brain health
  • Different types of exercise and the mind benefits they have

And so much more!

We hope you enjoy and take something away that can positively impact your health! 

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Creating a Better Sleep Environment

Good quality sleep is a basic human need that is often overlooked in the discussion on health and wellness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 19% of adults in the US report not getting enough rest or sleep. Sleep habits are one of the first questions we ask our patients as the body cannot heal without enough rest. While our primary goal as therapists is to teach our patients how to move better, we cannot make meaningful progress without the foundations of good health in place. Improving your sleep is an essential first step toward better health whether you have chronic health conditions or not.

What is Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation occurs when you either do not get enough sleep total, sleep at the wrong time of day, or do not get good quality sleep. Adults who experience sleep deprivation may report not feeling refreshed when they wake up and feeling tired throughout the day.

There are many negative health effects of sleep...

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The Slow Approach to Health

A common perception in our society is there is one key to living a healthy life that we have not quite figured out yet. Chronic disease is rampant in our aging population so we must be missing something, right? Some unknown, mysterious secret that will change our health in an instant if only we could find it. However, the real truth is health involves many components and is constantly changing as part of a never ending journey. Eliminating one certain type of food or taking a new supplement is never the answer on its own, but can be a small part of the big picture. There is not one magical exercise or one type of food that will completely turn our health around.

Health involves more than looking at objective measures such as calories, weight, and blood pressure. We also need to spend time looking at the quality of our food, movement, and lifestyle. We make daily choices that either help or harm our health. Nothing changes drastically in one day or with one decision. Therefore, the...

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