Health Has Everything to Do With Your Mindset

At Advanced Balance Clinic, we firmly believe that health is not the absence of disease. Our mission is to bridge the gap between managing a medical condition to living a vibrant, healthy life. Living a life of vitality is a journey, and we are here to facilitate that process through a variety of means. Healthy living looks very different for everyone.

In our years of experience as therapists, we realized there was one big difference in our clients who make drastic improvement to their quality of life and those who don’t. No matter what the diagnosis was, the answer is not found in one particular exercise, medication, or diet plan… There is no magic bullet solution when it comes to health.

So what does actually make a difference?

The answer is MINDSET!

When we first start working with new clients, progress will not be made unless we help them get to the root of their motivations, habit patterns, and overall mindset. We boiled our process down into smaller pieces to...

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Your Mindset About Aging is Impacting How You Age

It is an understatement to say that our society has a negative view of aging. It is pervasive in the ways we talk about older adults and our never-ending quest for “anti-aging” everything. We often make the mistake of associating aging with decline, and these views impact the way in which older adults view their health.

We all assume we will decline both mentally and physically as we age. But are we really declining because of age itself or because our views on aging influence our behavior? I would argue the latter.

Discussions about aging often involve emphasis on becoming too weak to participate in life in a meaningful way, or mental decline that is inevitable. When people start to believe they are “too old to…” they stop doing certain activities that are likely keeping them healthy. When people start to believe they can no longer do something simply because they are “too old” then we create a learned dependence upon others to do things...

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