Try This: Exercise for Grip, Core, and Shoulder Strengthening

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoorSeveral years ago, a study came out that found that those who had higher grip strength were less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. Research has also shown that weaker grip strength is correlated with a higher risk of falls in older adults.

Grip strength does not exist in a vacuum. We can infer from the results of these studies that higher grip strength is correlated with overall physical fitness. Those who are physically fit are less likely to experience heart disease and also less likely to fall. The goal then is to find activities that involve whole body movement.

Hanging is essential to developing strong shoulder joints, and by proxy improve grip strength. Most of our shoulder joints don’t have the proper range and strength for overhead hanging, so lateral hanging from a doorway is a great place to start (and most everyone can find access to a doorway).

Lateral hanging allows more control in beginning to explore activating your core while improving shoulder...

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Are Modern Conveniences Impacting Your Health?

About a month ago our food processor broke. It was a much loved kitchen appliance, one that we used on a daily basis. Rather than immediately running out to buy a new one however, we decided to get by without replacing it. We had to be a little creative to try to find ways to accomplish the same tasks through different means. The final result? Simple recipes became a little less convenient, but not any more time consuming than they had before. And much to our surprise the alternative options, like using a mortar and pestal to grind up walnuts, forced us to use arm and grip strength for our food. Would life be a little easier by using an electronic appliance instead? Probably. But it's been several weeks and we still have not felt the need to run out and replace this kitchen appliance. Instead, it lead us to think about other ways we could incorporate more movement into our daily activities simply by changing the tools we use or how we use them.

Have you ever considered how modern...

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