Health Has Everything to Do With Your Mindset

At Advanced Balance Clinic, we firmly believe that health is not the absence of disease. Our mission is to bridge the gap between managing a medical condition to living a vibrant, healthy life. Living a life of vitality is a journey, and we are here to facilitate that process through a variety of means. Healthy living looks very different for everyone.

In our years of experience as therapists, we realized there was one big difference in our clients who make drastic improvement to their quality of life and those who don’t. No matter what the diagnosis was, the answer is not found in one particular exercise, medication, or diet plan… There is no magic bullet solution when it comes to health.

So what does actually make a difference?

The answer is MINDSET!

When we first start working with new clients, progress will not be made unless we help them get to the root of their motivations, habit patterns, and overall mindset. We boiled our process down into smaller pieces to help you address your health mindset in order to take charge of your health today. No matter what the current status of your health, you can take charge of your life by continuously adjusting your thought process.

What is Your Why?

As we stated before, after helping our clients determine WHY they want to get better we noticed a big difference in those who actually make improvement and those who don’t. Those who make improvement believed they could get better no matter where they were starting from. They were excited by physical challenges that would lead to improvement.

The first step toward healthy living is to start spending time thinking about WHY you want to live a healthier lifestyle. This answer looks different for everyone. Without a purpose or understanding of how you want your life to be better, we cannot move forward in promoting positive thinking and setting attainable health goals.

So think about your why….

  • Is it to have more energy throughout your day?
  • To spend more quality time with family?
  • Be able to travel?
  • Improve your athletic performance?
  • Remain independent in your own home?
  • To start living with less pain?

Now, keep this why clearly in mind for the next step of starting to identify your ideal health habits and lifestyle. Better yet, write down your why somewhere you can see it on a daily basis! And as we stated above, health is a continuously evolving journey, and your why should reflect that. There are no rules to identifying your why. You might have more than one and that why will likely change over time.

Now that we have a clear idea of your why, the next step is to focus on adopting a growth mindset.

Adopt a Growth Mindset

The next step in assisting our clients through a journey toward better health is to identify whether they have a fixed or growth mindset. The differences in mindset can produce very different health outcomes if not identified and adjusting the treatment approach based on mindset.

A patient once told me, “I don’t know if you actually believe I can get better, but you make me believe I can.” This is the root of our role as healthcare providers. The only factor that matters is whether or not we can instill a mindset of growth and positivity in all of those we work with. Again, this process looks different for everyone but the underlying theme of mindset remains constant.

Let’s take a closer looks at the differences in mindset.

Carol Dweck PhD is a psychologist known for her research on mindset, in which she details in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Over years of observation, she noted mindset can be sorted into two major categories, those with a fixed mindset v. a growth mindset. It is possible to have certain areas of your life in which you have a fixed mindset, and others where you have a growth mindset.

Those with a fixed mindset view life in terms of fixed traits or characteristics. We are either born smart or athletic or we aren’t. Traits come naturally to us and are not changed through practice. A person with a fixed mindset is out to prove themselves and validate their perceived talents and gifts. On a sports team, the fixed mindset individual would be out to be the “star” rather than focus on how they work as a team. When it comes to health, fixed mindset individuals often view themselves as victims of their circumstances.

On the other hand, those with a growth mindset view life in terms of challenges and learning opportunities. Any skill can be learned or improved upon with the right outlook and practice. Those with a growth mindset find success in learning to put forth their best effort, learn, and improve. They are motivated by setbacks seeing them as an opportunity for learning and growing rather than a failure. Growth mindset individuals take charge of the processes that lead to success. They are not about “winning”, but about continuously being better. They don’t view themselves as victims of their circumstances.

We have noted that those able to adopt a growth mindset in terms of their health tend to be far more likely to achieve their goals than those trapped in a fixed mindset. You can begin to develop a growth mindset today by avoiding striving for perfection, viewing failures as learning moments, and seeking out challenges.

What can you do today to start to develop a growth mindset?

Now that we have covered mindset, check out this story about how to properly set your health goals.

Recommended readings:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck


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