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The Rebels Guide to "Exercise"

Ever considered yourself a rebel, or maybe just want to be one?

If so, you’ve likely always hated the idea of a regular “exercise” habit. Even if you understand the health benefits, you’ve always been opposed to the regimented lifestyle of exercise.

Or maybe you’ve just always found traditional exercise boring. That’s the position I’d always found myself in until I learned about movement-based lifestyles.

Even if you’ve always hated traditional exercise, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience all the health benefits of movement.

Let’s talk about how a movement-based lifestyle is the answer for you and your rebellious lifestyle.

Why a Movement-Based Lifestyle?

Adopting a movement-based lifestyle involves customizing movement to fit your current lifestyle.

That’s right. You don’t need to change much other than your mindset and your environment to gain all the health benefits of moving more. Make your life your gym rather than putting yourself in a traditional gym.

You’ve always marched with the beat of your own drummer. Adopting a movement-based lifestyle gives you the freedom to think and act outside of the box, all in the name of better health.

The chronic disease rate of the general population is increasing every year. The lesson in this? Don’t follow this trend. Instead, avoid what everyone else is doing. Do it differently. Be that person who sits on the floor. Who stands and stretches at meetings. Who climbs trees. Who deviates from the path intentionally.

So Here’s a Rebel’s Guide to “Exercise”…

Step 1: Deviate on purpose.

In fact, it’s encouraged. When everyone else is sitting in chairs, stand instead. Take a different path, it actually challenges your senses, your balance, and your physical strength. If you see something to climb, climb it. Stop using a cart or bags at the grocery store. Work in an office full of sitting desks? Make yourself a dynamic workspace instead. The potentials to deviate are endless if you know where to find them.

Step 2: Seek challenges others avoid.

Most of the population seeks both mental and physical comfort every day. And this is where they get it wrong. By always looking to be in a comfort zone, we actually create the conditions for our own decline. The key to aging well is to push the limits of your comfort zone every day.

Seek out the physical challenges others around you are avoiding. Make things more difficult on purpose. It doesn’t take any extra time to do so but brings immense health benefits to your life.

Step 3: Basically, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Rinse. Repeat.

Keep moving throughout your day. Be the odd one out at all possible times. Do this every day, and you’ll continue to challenge yourself, learn, and improve.

Adopt a movement-based life so you can avoid the need to “exercise” only to return to sedentary habits for the rest of your day involves being a rebel. So go be a rebel today. And leave us a comment to tell us how you’ve decided to be “different” today. We’d love to hear about it!


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