What is a Floor Transfer?


Why do we care so much about your ability to get on and off the floor?
Because the ability to get on and off the floor without the use of your hands is a strong physical predictor of early disability and death.
This is why one of the first skills we cover with new clients is getting on and off the floor. Not only is this a life-saving skill but it's also one of our favorite exercises for healthy aging!
There are an infinite number of ways you can get on and off the floor, as well as unlimited options for sitting positions once you are on the floor. The confidence to know you can safely and easily get off the floor decreases your future risk of falls!
If you're currently able to get yourself on and off the floor, continue to practice this skill daily. If you are unsure, see a physical or occupational therapist for a floor transfer test. 
A floor transfer test is nothing fancy. As shown in the pictures above, the test is getting on and off the floor. You gain a point for each "point of contact" you need to get off the floor. For example, the use of one hand would be 1 point. The closer you are to 10 points, the greater your risk of falls.
This test reveals a lot about your overall strength and mobility. Focus on the techniques you use to get off the floor more than focusing on your score. Continue to practice daily until you can get up without using your hands.
Try it and let us know what you learn!
Haven’t been on the floor on purpose lately, or not feeling confident about your strategies to get off the floor? Stop by the clinic any Friday between 11am and 1pm for a FREE floor transfer screening! 

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