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25 Movement Tips to Be More Active Today

Think you can’t find enough time in your day to exercise? You’re likely just missing out on opportunities to move more throughout your day without changing much.

Try out any one of these movement tips to get more action out of your day!

  1. Sit on the floor instead of the couch.
  2. Put your laundry basket on the floor and squat to fold your laundry.
  3. Squat to unload your dishwasher.
  4. Stretch your calves or mobilize your feet while you wash your dishes, brush your teeth, watch TV, drink your coffee, etc.
  5. Pull all the weeds in your yard by hand instead of using weed killers (bonus as this is better for the environment too)!
  6. Park in the back of the parking lot.
  7. Take the elevator instead of the stairs.
  8. Use less convenient appliances.
  9. Make your chores less efficient. For example, put the laundry basket in a different room than where you are putting the clothes away to get a few more steps in.
  10. Use a drying rack or clothes line instead of the dryer. This not only decreases your energy bill but gives you more opportunity to squat and use your shoulder mobility.
  11. Use a rake for your leaves instead of a leaf blower.
  12. Shovel your snow instead of using a snow blower.
  13. Take a 3 minute walk every hour if you work at a desk.
  14. Keep a half foam roll, a tennis ball, and resistance band in your desk drawer for some simple corrective exercises that can be done in 3 minutes.
  15. If you are sitting in a chair, make it more dynamic.
  16. Crawl across your house instead of walk. Your upper body will thank you.
  17. Walk in your bedroom while you are reading at night.
  18. Stand on one foot while you are washing dishes or brushing your teeth to practice balance.
  19. Plant a vegetable and herb garden. Maintain it by hand.
  20. Stop using your laundry basket.
  21. Carry your groceries in a basket instead of using a cart.
  22. Carry your groceries in the house by hand instead of in bags.
  23. Purposely put obstacles in your path around the house. Walk on them, around them, and over them. Vary it each time.
  24. Walking on the sidewalk? Try the grass instead for an added challenge.
  25. Have little ones at home? Get on the floor and play with them. Crawl with them. Climb with them. Run with them. Squat with them. Move like they move.

Most of all, just remember you are never too short of time, too old, or too broken to make the most of your day! What else can you add to this list?


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