Advanced Balance Clinic

Bridging the gap between health and wellness through better movement. 


Wellness Services

Individualized or group services catered to those looking to learn and build a better movement foundation regardless of age or fitness level. 

Skilled Therapy

Skilled occupational and physical therapy services for those with new or chronic medical conditions. 

Community Outreach

At the core of our philosophy is community outreach including speaking events, free health screenings, and consulting services. 

Free Health Screenings

Part of our mission is to provide individuals with the information they need to bring awareness to their health. At our clinic, we offer free health and wellness screenings to the public including blood pressure screening, floor transfer testing, balance testing, and injury screenings. 


Group Classes

Our movement and alignment group classes are designed for every age and fitness level with no previous experience required. These classes are great for both beginners to movement as well as an excellent supplement to an existing movement practice. 


Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a free 20 minute consult call to discuss your health goals and determine how we can help you achieve them.


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